by Fred Schrock

2013 Tourism Excellence Award, and Other Honors

One of the major programs I coordinated at Preservation Buffalo Niagara–the Buffalo Niagara Docent Training Alliance–just won the 2013 Tourism Excellence Award for Visitors Services!  I wrote and submitted the nomination in March.  The awards are given out by the New York State Travel & Vacation Association and co-sponsored by the NY Department of Economic Development (the “I Love NY” people).

Here is Todd Mitchell “presenting” the award to me today.  As part of the program and a long-time volunteer, he won the award too.

This year, there were about fifty new docent trainees taking part in the five-week class.  The other participating organizations included the following, so congratulations to them as well.  It was great working with all of them:

Buffalo Tours (Preservation Buffalo Niagara)
Central Terminal Restoration Corporation
Richardson-Olmsted Complex
Roycroft Campus Corporation
Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Inaugural Site

The “award ceremony” above took place today at a going-away party in my honor.  It was organized and attended by about thirty docents.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and brought food, gifts, and well-wishes!  I recommend checking out Eleanor’s poetry.

It’s been a good week for awards.  Just the day before, Denise Prince won the 2013 Beacon Award for Tourism Volunteer of the Year.  This was another nomination I helped put together, with Visit Buffalo Niagara.  Denise has worked with me for the past eight years and this year we were Tour Committee Co-Chairs for the Society of Architectural Historians National Conference.
Here is her award video.

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