by Fred Schrock

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Schrock Family Photos

An aunt recently passed away, and in her home a number of old photographs were rediscovered.  My cousin Jasson Schrock of Heipile scanned the photos below, as well as many more.

My grandfather, Tobe Schrock, was stationed in Japan after World War II. He is the one on the right.

Tobe was trained as a paratrooper while in the Army.

Joseph “Dynamite Joe” Schrock was a grandfather of Tobe, living from 1836 to 1912. Tobe’s father–also Joseph–lived from 1872 until 1946, right when Tobe was about to leave for Japan.

The Schrock farm in Indiana

This photo is captioned “Ezra Lantz, his wife, and Emma Schrock.” Emma Schrock, left, was Joseph Schrock’s husband and lived from 1888 to 1989.

Tobe, Atlee, Perry, Alvin Schrock playing in the snow.

Schrocks eventually moved to Akron, New York. This silo used to be on the property until it went down from being too full.

Manley, Tom, Paul, Tommy, Jerry, Kathy, David, Shirley Cummings, 1956.  According to my father Jerry, this “picture of everyone on the porch eating candy apples, was taken at the farm of Walter Host on Burdick Road. Walter was Fred’s and Jasson’s Great Grand Father [father to Tobe’s wife Margaret, Jerry’s mother].”